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with our partners.

Our innovative solution supports the entire lifecycle of purchased equipment, breaking barriers between us and our partners.

We handle logistics, repair, service, and trade-in, freeing you from these tasks.

With global warehouses, a ticketing system, and user-centric equipment selection, we make your business more efficient and effective.

We store your purchased equipment in our warehouses, which are scattered in different countries of the world.

We have created a ticketing system through which you can manage onboarding, offboarding, repair, renewal, and trade-in in the shortest possible time.

Your employees can select equipment for work from the warehouse stock, as indicated in the ticket.

All equipment that comes into the warehouse after use is immediately serviced and prepared for further use.

You always have an up-to-date list of your equipment in stock and assigned to your employees.

Experience secure business management with our partnerships in MDM solutions.

From app installation to data encryption, our collaboration ensures safe and reliable device management.

We work in partnership with various integrators offering MDM solutions that allow:

Allow installation on devices and removal of applications and security certificates.

Prohibit the use of untrusted applications and services.

Allow remote device configuration in accordance with company policies.

Allows encryption of data on the device.

Provides work with lost devices: search for their location, blocking, destruction of confidential data in memory.

Let's cooperate!

With us, you get not only support for the life cycle of the equipment purchased from us, which has proven itself as an innovative solution and the only one of its kind among suppliers, but also Safe, Reliable, and Continuous Business Management.

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