Applicable Solutions

We understand our partners’ processes and needs and work easily according to agreed algorithms.

By logging into our management system, you can easily manage processes such as:

you can easily manage the following processes



Equipment Upgrade

Equipment Repair


To ensure the security and manageability of your equipment, we apply solutions such as:

Connecting Apple equipment to ABM.

Using cloud services to manage Microsoft endpoints,

Implementing MDM solutions.

Additionally, at the request of our partners, we can implement programs such as:

Welcome boxes for newcomers.

Corporate gifts with company logos.

Individual loyalty programs for employees.

Let's cooperate!

Our user-friendly management system simplifies the onboarding and offboarding processes. Within two hours of submitting a ticket, our specialized algorithms ensure a smooth transition for employees, coordinating necessary information and steps.

Real-time updates are sent to ticket creators, and the process can be managed by the IT team.

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