Equipment life cycle support

We accompany your equipment from acquisition to disposal, offering competitive pricing, inventory management, servicing, repairs, trade-in, and more.

Acquisition of Equipment

Acquire equipment on the most favorable terms, including the best price and extended warranties.

At your request, we will select and deliver all the necessary equipment to your office or remote employees.

Inventory Management

Inventorize equipment according to the company’s requirements, including entering it into the database and adding stickers if necessary.

We also offer delivery and installation in office premises, adding equipment to ABM, and assigning the required MDM solution.

Inventrization of equipment According to the company's.

Entering it into the database.

Adding stickers if necessary.

Delivery and installation if necessary in office premises.

Adding equipment to ABM and assigning the required MDM solution.

Servicing After Use

Service equipment after use by users and prepare it for reissue, including equipment cleaning, service maintenance (replacement of thermal paste, internal cleaning from dust), quality warranty, and post-warranty repair.

Trade-In of Equipment

Trade-in equipment at the end of its useful life, we are paying a fair market value for depreciated equipment and additional disk erasure if necessary and possible.

Quality warranty and post-warranty repair.

Quick provision of replacement equipment.

Repair only with quality units and assemblies.

Write-off of Faulty Equipment

Write-off faulty equipment and provide documents on write-off.

Replacement of Equipment

Replace equipment during service maintenance if necessary with our Golden Box service.

Write-off of faulty equipment.

Provision of documents on write-off.

Replacement of equipment

Golden box – we will replace equipment during service maintenace if necessary.

Let's cooperate!

With us, you get not only support for the life cycle of the equipment purchased from us, which has proven itself as an innovative solution and the only one of its kind among suppliers, but also Safe, Reliable, and Continuous Business Management.

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